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Corn contain mustard oil and amylase, can promote the metabolism of fat

Cucumber cucumber contains propyl alcohol diacid, help to curb all

Chocolate edible efficacy and taboo

Alleviate mood, relieve pressure. Chocolate can improve the brain in a kind of call "plug los bracket better" chemical level. It can give a person to bring peace feeling, better eliminate intense sentiment, rise to alleviate the effects of stress. For concentration, strengthen memory and improve intelligence

Eat carrots, this winter and dry say goodbye!

Carrot is a kind of rich nutrition, all appropriate plant of the old, called "little ginseng". In the carrot of the most negative great reputation composition is carotene, this is a kind of yellow pigment, carrot each hectogram including 1.35 g and 1.75 mg carotene, far more than other vegetables which is, is 360 times

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Catering pizza
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Night blindness and cold, and can enhance human body disease-resistant ability